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The Prince Hall Masonic Foundation, Incorporated (PHMF) was established in 1983 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The membership of the PHMF consists of the warranted organizations such as the Masonic Lodges and Order of the Eastern Star Chapters that fall under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of Wisconsin (established in 1924).

Helping Dreams Come True through education and support for community organizations dedicated to the enlightenment and empowerment of our communities shall be the goal of the Prince Hall Masonic Foundation. Because we believe that none of us is greater than the least of us, the Prince Hall Masonic Foundation, Inc. is committed to assisting community organizations in building this nation on “Dreams Come True.”

The Foundation survives totally on charitable giving. There are several ways a tax-exempt donation can be made to the Foundation; cash, appreciated properties, securities, life insurance policies, annuity trust, real estate, charitable lead trust and bequest. For additional information, consult a financial advisor.

History of Prince Hall

Abolitionist, civic leader, caterer, leather-dresser, and founder of what would become the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, Prince Hall was a great visionary dedicated to education. He is claimed to have been born in Barbados, B. W. I. on September 12, 1748, although no record of this has ever been found. He is also claimed to have arrived in Boston from Africa in 1765 and sold to one William Hall who freed him in 1770.

In 1787, as a property owner and registered voter, Prince Hall campaigned for the establishment of schools for Negro children in Boston, opened a school in his own home, and successfully petitioned the Massachusetts legislature to protect free Negroes from kidnapping and being sold into slavery. During the Revolutionary War he served in the Continental Army and is believed to have fought at Bunker Hill.

Initiated into Lodge No 441 with fourteen others, the lodge granted Prince Hall and his brethren the authority to meet as African Lodge No. 1 (Under Dispensation). Hall petitioned the Premier Grand Lodge of England for a warrant which was granted on September 20, 1784 and delivered in Boston on April 29, 1787. African Lodge No. 459 was organized one week later, May 6, 1787.

Out of this lodge the African Grand Lodge of North America was formed on June 24, 1791 in Boston. The year following Prince Hall’s death, as a memorial to him, and by an act of the General Assembly of the Craft, the name was changed to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. The original Charter No. 459 has long since been made secure between heavy plate glass and is kept in a fire-proof vault in a downtown Boston bank.

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